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I am a full-time thinker-upper who loves nothing more than a good challenge. My formal education in industrial design influences my approach in Design Thinking and my informal education as a traveler influences my perception of the world and empowers me to create solutions that help others.

Writing  Creative Direction 
Project Management 

 Branding   Graphic Design

Creative Strategy   Industrial  Design  Problem Solving

Illustrator  Photoshop 
Indesign Microsoft Office 

Canva   Keyshot  Lectra Formaris

Imagination Spanish 
 French  Sketching

 Photography     Public Speaking 

 Deep Focus

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I create creative solutions for everyday people

I believe in the power of creativity to change the world. From physical products to intangible experiences, improving lives is that the heart of everything I do.​

"Rester c'est exister

voyager c'est vivre.” 

-Gustave Nadaud

"To stay is to exist

To travel that is to live.” 

-Gustave Nadaud

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