When I made the decision to learn Spanish in late 2018, I didn't think I would actually learn it. (I mean, have you all heard how fast Spanish is?) My goal was to sing along to a few songs, be able to read basic signs, maybe eavesdrop a little.


On my journey through what I considered "lazy learning", something crazy happened - I messed around and wound up learning it!


Native speakers don't believe me when I tell them that I didn't grow up speaking the language and even more surprised when I tell them that I taught myself in under 3 years. 

That said... 

I want to empower black travelers/expats with the ability to unlock linguistic freedom. I've traveled to 12 countries and have felt the freedom that only comes from being abroad.

Being bilingual can feel just as freeing. It allows you to gain a deeper understanding and make deeper connections outside of the so-called 'norm.' 

I've been in your shoes and want to teach you